Moeke Yarns - Grey - Elena - 45-50gm

Moeke Yarns - Grey - Elena - 45-50gm

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Elena, the yarns, stand for being close to nature: no harsh chemicals were used while cleaning, washing and spinning the wool. This yarn has personality: its twists and curls were worked by machines that are 100 years old. It is honest: it is about going back to basics, to the core of things. Any garment worked in this yarn will have a rustic, rough feel and even basic textured stitches will be accentuated. 

Elena is earthy, she is robust yet yielding. Perfect to knit weave or crochet a garment that will literally last you a lifetime. 

NOTE: Skeins are not identical weight and length, due to minimal processing and traditional practices, please allow for  very small variations in weight, and gauge. You can expect approx 45 - 50gm PER SKEIN in Grey - Elena.  

100% Half Bred Tigaie Wool,

Processed in Sacele Mill Romania.