Siberian Princess' Tattoo

Siberian Princess' Tattoo

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The Siberian Princess, was a discovered laid to rest in a burial tomb, on the Ukok Plateau close to the Chinese border in the Altai Mountains in Russia. It is believed that she lived around the 5th century BC, and her discovery is said to be among some of the most important archeological discoveries in recent times from that location. 

The Princess wears on her skin, some of the most intricate and most beautiful, primitive tattoos ever seen from that time period, anywhere in the world.

To the Princess, her tattoos were a form of identification, a message to others that told who she was, where she came from and what her standing was in her everyday life. It is also believed that her tattoos would have also served a purpose in helping people of the same family and culture to identify her, in her next lifetime. 

I was inspired my The Siberian Princess story to create this colour way, a reflection of the cold and icy landscape in which she was laid to rest, black being symbolic of her incredible tattoos.



95% 23 Micron Merino 

5% Blue Stellina 


Siberian Princess' Tattoo