About me

Shepherdess, Australian Yarn, Hand dyed yarn, Fibre artist,

Hey there!

A little about me?  

Well this is awkward.

I find it difficult to nail down a single description of what I do, so heres a few:

As an artist:  My work/style/aesthetic is fluid and is frequently in contradiction to itself. I feel that my work is more intuitive and personal than aiming to emulate trend and fashion. I do sometimes create collections, but these will be a one off, and most of the time, unrepeatable. 

As a retail business: Shepherdess Australian Handmade is dedicated to providing a diverse range of quality supplies to the Fibre Arts Community at a reasonable price. Australian Made, Locally sourced products will always be my first love, but the store will also occasionally stock imported fibres. 

As an Educational Facilitator: Shepherdess Aussie Handmade is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to learn in a positive nurturing environment. Education will be a combination of integrated, hands on experience, written notes, and visual learning, (e.g. demonstrations) All lessons will be delivered by Artists who are committed to working alongside their students, bridging the 'teacher- student' gap by communicating and relating on a personal level.

My Workshops and Retreats will be not only an educational experience but a chance to relate with your favourite Artists on a personal level.

Finally, Shepherdess Australian Handmade, is most of all, for the Fibre Arts Community. If there is a cause that needs attention, I will be happy to work with you to bring it to light.

~Niki Whitfield Hart~